Kuban State University is one of the largest scientific and educational centers in the South of Russia. Founded in September 1920, it has a 98-year history based on the best traditions of classical education and recognized achievements. The KubSU structure of tertiary education consists of 16 faculties (implementing 110 bachelors, masters and specialists programs), postgraduate departments (76 fields of study) and the University research complex, that includes 24 research institutes, centers and labs and 11 scientific schools.
There are more than 29 000 students enrolled, including 932 international students from 63 foreign countries, 265 full professors, 970 PhD’s, 16 research and scientific centers, 11 scientific schools, 7 journals edited, 35 innovation projects, more than 70 international agreements on cooperation in the field of education, science and culture with scientific and educational organizations of 28 countries. Nowadays the University cooperates with 73 universities and institutions from Europe, Asia, USA and Latin America. 21 of them include the subjects of academic exchanges and academic mobility programs. Among the University’s active partners are the following: University of Bristol (the UK), KU Leuven (Belgium), Université Bordeaux Montaigne and University of Bordeaux (France), University of Vienna (Austria), Aristotle University of Thessaloniki (Greece), Berlin University of Applied Technology and Economics (Germany), Kyungbuk National University (South Korea), Qindao Institute (China), Kobe City University of Foreign Studies (Japan) etc. Every year the University arranges and participates in an average of 60 international conferences, forums, seminars, summer schools. One of them is the International Conference on the topic “Post-bipolar world: security problems of the Eurasian geostrategic space”. The emphasis is made on examination of political agendas and foreign policy strategy of Russia and NATO in aforementioned regions.

Institute Website (EN): https://kubsu.ru/en/universityeng


Prof. Elena Morozova:
Department of Public Policy and Public Administration

Mail: morozova_e @ inbox.ru
Phone: +7 861 2199627
Website: https://www.kubsu.ru/ru/public-portfolio/13519

Dr. Irina Rayushkina:
International Affairs Dept./Dept. of Applied Linguistics & New IT

Mail: irina.rayushkina @ yandex.ru
Phone: +7 861 2199528

Dr. Aleksandr Vashchenko:
Department of History, Sociology and International Relations

Mail: vashchenko2002 @ bk.ru
Phone: +7 861 2199556
Website: https://www.kubsu.ru/ru/fismo/vashchenko-aleksandr-vladimirovich

Dr. Alexey Sazantovich:
Management and Psychology Department

Mail: vertgalant @ mail.ru
Phone: +7 861 2199627
Website: https://www.kubsu.ru/en/public-portfolio/11374