founded in 1504, is a highly ranked university in Europe and one of the top-ranked in the country.
Currently, its main asset is the extensive university community (more than 70,000 students, 4,100 professors, and 2,400 service and administrative professionals) organized around 133 University Departments, 157 areas of knowledge, and the integral offering of teaching, research, culture, and technology transfer; which make it one of the most complete institutes of Knowledge Management in the national panorama. It offers 67 degrees, 91 master programs, 99 PhD programs and 238 posgraduate studies covering all the fields of knowledge.
US has extensively developed structures for development and management of international cooperation with the International Relations Office employing 60 staff. It ranks second among Spanish HEIs in terms of the number of Erasmus students and has international cooperation agreements with approximately 15 international organisations and with more than 50 universities around the globe.
The Law School of the University of Sevilla is once of the finest in the country. Us double degree in Law and Economics has being ranked number 1 in Spain, The Law School has a long-standing tradition in the domain of the proposal, with many active scholars following the legendary path of the former Chair of Public International Law and International Relations Professor Dr. D. Juan Antonio Carrillo Salcedo, that was the Spanish judge at the European Court of Human Rights.
US is placed in a city that boasts a tradition of multiculturality and a history of diverse religious traditions, and in the southerner part of Europe, directly affected by migration from the South. Sevilla officially replaced Madrid as the Headquarters of the Spanish Military High Command, and has the majority of the Army based in its surroundings and the Law School has a Chair of Military and Security Law, that periodically offers courses and seminars on the fields of the proposal.

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Private Law and Private International Law

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