Founded in 1737, the Georg-August-Universität Göttingen (UGOE) is a comprehensive research university of high international reputation. UGOE prides itself on being a global university and the ambition to extend its international reputation by concentrating on its special strengths such as Internationalization; Research-based teaching and learning; Interdisciplinarity; Autonomy; and Cooperation with non-university institutions. The department of Ecumenical Theology and Oriental Church and Mission History at UGOE is the only department in Germany with a special focus on the Christian minorities in the Middle East. It explores the History of Christianity with special regard to the manifold Christian traditions and cultures in the Near and Middle East, India, and Eastern Europe. The focus of teaching and research in the department lies on interreligious co-existence, Christian-Muslim relations, and Oriental-Occidental interactions. The department is also concerned with topics that are of current social and political relevance in Europe today, e.g. oriental minority cultures in Europe.

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