Voronezh State University (VSU) was founded in 1918 and now is one of the largest scientific and educational centres of Russia. Its structure includes 17 faculties, 5 research institutes, 14 joint laboratories with the RAS. About 21,000 students including 1000 foreign students study here. Now VSU is actively modernising its academic models in line with Bologna process, extensively using innovative teaching technologies, teaching quality management and student academic progress monitoring. Long-term educational and scientific international cooperation is based upon direct agreements with 140 HEIs and research institutes worldwide. Now it participates in 35 Erasmus plus projects in the field of humanities, politics, economics, environment.
Wide range of European research spheres has been touched by different VSU faculties and researchers: from linguistics to policy and law, as contemporary VSU European studies are interested in the idea of Europe from an interdisciplinary perspective. It approaches European integration as an objective process, by looking at Europe’s borders, boundaries, legal and political areas.
VSU also provides leadership on the number of hosted JM activities throughout Russia. It prides itself in implementing 2 JM projects aimed to contribute to study of social aspects of European identity. Research is complemented by 5 modules addressing teaching on specific EU subjects (Refugee legislation, migration, European law and economy).
VSU has successful experience in project coordination (FP6/7, JM projects, co-coordination Erasmus plus K2). University organises International forums, provides platform for debate and exchange of experiences about EU among academics, policy-makers and wider public.

Institute Website (EN): http://www.vsu.ru/english/


Dr. Alla Akulshina:
Unit for international projects and programmes

Mail: akulshina @ vsu.ru
Phone: +7 / 473 2207526
Website: http://euspace.vsu.ru/

Dr. Irina Foret:
Department of Regional Studies and economy of foreign countries,
Faculty of International Relations

Mail: irinaforet @ mail.ru
Phone: +7 /473 2392931

Anna Nedzelskaia:
Unit for international projects and programmes

Mail: nedzelskaya @ vsu.ru
Phone: +7 / 473 2207526