Tugcan Durmuslar, Research Assistant, Department of International Relations, Dokuz Eylul University (Turkey)
• Project Assistant for for Dokuz Eylul University, Network project Peace, War and the World in European Security Challenges (POWERS) (Ref. no. 599962-EPP-1-2018-1-RU-EPPJMO-NETWORK) (2018-2021).
• Member, Faculty Commissions on Communication (2018- ); Orientation and Graduation (2015- ); Risk Management (2015); Institutional Identity (2012-2014)
• Participant of the Graduate Student Workshop on “European Integration in Times of Crises: Migration and Brexit”, Dokuz Eylul University (May 2018)
• Participant of the NATO Training Seminars: “Hybrid Warfare Threat” (2015); “Comprehensive Approach Simulation” (2015); “Public Diplomacy Program” (2010)
• Visiting Graduate Student at the European Studies Centre, University of Oxford (2009-2010)
• Recipient of the Jean Monnet Scholarship of the European Commission (2009-2010)
• Assistant Staff for Dokuz Eylul Univerity International Conferences on Challenges to Balkan Security and Contribution of International Organizations, (2008);
Challenges to Middle East Security and Contribution of International Organizations, (2007).
• Field Researcher for Middle East Technical University and Dokuz Eylul University Research Project, “Europeanization of Turkish Public Administration”, (2005-2006)
• Travel Grantee, Study visit to the EU Institutions in Brussels and the UN Office in Geneva, funded by the University of Amsterdam (April 2006)
• Recipient of the Matra Scholarship of the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs (2005-2006)

Education: PhD Candidate at the EU Studies Graduate Department (Dokuz Eylul University); Executive Master’s Degree in International and European Relations (University of Amsterdam); MA Degree in European Studies, (Dokuz Eylul University); BA in International Relations (Istanbul Bilgi University).
Teaching Experience: Courses assisted include International Security; Politics of European Integration; Theories of European Integration; Turkey-EU Relations.
Research Interests: Europeanization studies, the EU’s foreign affairs and Turkish foreign policy.
Latest publications: