Dr. Natalia Zhurbina, Associate Professor of Regional Studies and National Economies, Faculty of International Relations, Voronezh State University (Russia)

• 6 years extensive experience in consulting in peculiarities of teaching, learning programs, opportunities of getting international education at VSU, project coordination as the head of International Cooperation Department at VSU;
• 8 years of experience in scientific grants activity, including 4 international grant projects in different roles (coordinator in 2 international projects).
Now she is a coordinator of the Jean Monnet project “Migration problems in the EU: challenges and opportunities”.
Research interests: migration problems, methods and research tools in academic teaching

Contact information:

Address: Pushkinskaya St. 16, room 236, 394036 Voronezh, Russian Federation
Tel./Fax: +7 / 473 2281160

Website: http://euspace.vsu.ru/en/eumig
Email: zhurbina @ ir.vsu.ru