International scientific conference "Non-state actors and the security of the Euro-Mediterranean Area region" 29 – 31 January 2019, Amman (Jordan)

The international conference "Non-state actors and the security of the Euro-Mediterranean Area region" was organized by the Jean Monnet Network “PEACE, WAR AND THE WORLD IN EUROPEAN SECURITY CHALLENGES” (POWERS) and took place on the 29-31 January at the University of Jordan in Amman.

The conference served as a platform of exchange of opinions for academia, media, non-government organisations and leading politicians and provided a multidisciplinary and cooperation-oriented approach to investigated areas in terms of terrorist attacks, illegal migration, economic crises.

The Opening Session included Prof. Musa Shteiwi and Dr. Alla Aulshina both representing the Jean Monnet Network as well as welcome remark of the Prof. Abdel-Karim Al-Qudah, President of the University of Jordan. The keynote speech belonged to His Excellency Mr. Abdelilah Al-Khatib, former Minister of Foreign Affairs of Jordan.

The conference programme was organized in three sessions. The morning table chaired by Prof. Musa Shteiwi (Director of the Centre for strategic studies – University of Jordan) was aimed at discussion of transnational security cooperation and policies in the Euro-Mediterranean region and composed by statements on interactions and defragmentation within the Euro-Mediterranean region including religious aspects and impact of post-ISIS era on the region.

The next session had the goal to discuss the unknown threats and risks for the security in Russia, Europe and MENA countries and counted with the participation of four speakers who focused their reports on EU challenges related to returning foreign fighters, Syrian crisis and its perception in different media (newspapers, social networks) including religion factor. The exploration of new potentially unknown threats and risks for the security within the individuated areas represented the core of the all debates. Particular attention was given to conceptualizing perspectives of stability.

The Conference’s afternoon session chaired by Dr. Francesca Ruisi under the theme “Forced migration impact of Euro-Mediterranean security” had the goal to provide the visions of roles of non-state actors in illegal migration and the strategies used to target the refugees’ communities.

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The presentations within each session were followed by questions by the public and a lively exchange with the presenters.

The public conference was predated by the kick-off meeting of the POWERS Network.

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