Seminar on the Future of the EU Defense Policy — 15 January 2019, Sevilla (Spain)

On 15 January 2019 the research team of the University of Seville involved into the POWERS Network held the seminar on the Future of the EU Defense Policy for students of Faculty of Law.

The seminar was aimed to provide students and young researchers with detailed information about European security.

The agenda composed to the following topics:

  • 1.The EU CSDP policy.
  • 2.The EU and the NATO.
  • 3.Towards a European army?

Besides the research topics there was made presentation of the POWERS Network, its opportunities for students and young researchers as well as promotion of its expected results among research community not only from University of Seville but also University of Malaga and Spanish Institute for Strategic Studies. 50 participants attended the seminar.

Additional information — (in Spanish).

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